Bharati’s Bhakti - The ART of Devotion

For 70 years Bharati Parekh, my mother, has trusted both in the universe and in a colorful cast of Hindu gods and goddesses to guide her on life’s great journey. Beginning her day with Bhakti yoga— mantra and prayer—her connection with the divine remains rock solid. And like the scent of sandalwood incense that permeates the air, her daily devotion spreads like wildfire, expanding her heart with love for all sentient beings.


Bharati is battling—or rather, is making peace with—ovarian cancer. Her survival over a decade, despite the odds, the ups and the downs, is unheard of. Throughout her brave and noble journey she paints— chakras, mantras, female visages, flora and fauna. To her, life is a celebration. A self-taught artist, she is humbled and often surprised by the artwork she creates. She expresses messages from a source higher than herself. What is that message?


Joy. Peace. Love. Acceptance. Surrender. Devotion. Gratitude.


Who are the four ladies dappled in golden sunlight? They represent earthly women who, like herself, desire to persevere despite life-threatening challenges and to find a way to thrive, not only survive. Like a lighthouse, these female impressions anchor her, and in darkness they illuminate a path forward and motivate her to continue on. “Yellow emits energy, gold and silver eternal light. Each face is serene. I hope to uplift the entire sisterhood of ovarian cancer patients, their spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing.” Bharati is dedicated. With each painting, she aims to share her enthusiasm and support her fellow survivors.


Her artworks’ ultimate message: You are not alone. You are LOVED.


Bharati has created a set of four blank greeting cards from her original canvases. The proceeds from the sales of this box set go to the Patient Support Fund in honor of Dr. Fouad Abbas at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. This fund is used to assist gynecologic oncology patients who are currently undergoing treatment. Each set is $20.


41 and 43


Untitled, #41 2010 and Untitled, #43 2002


44 and 45


Untitled #44 2010 and Untitled, #45 2001



Back of Card


To view Bharati’s artworks visit:


To purchase a set of cards contact:


About Bharati Parekh


Bharati Parekh was born in New Delhi, India and is currently based in Baltimore, Maryland. In 1972 she started painting in Mumbai under the mentorship of modernist Prabhakar Kolte, who encouraged spontaneity in the process. Her work includes acrylic, oil pastels and charcoal, with the occasional placement of mirror fragments on canvas. Ms. Parekh had her first solo show at John Yuhanick Associates Inc., and her work has been included in local group shows held at Maryland Art Place, ID8 Gallery, the Creative Alliance at the Patterson, and solo exhibitions at the Clark Priftis Art gallery located at Harbor East, and at private homes.


A friend of many charities, Mrs. Parekh has made donations of art and sales proceeds to benefit various non-profit organizations, such as the Ron Brown Scholar Fund in Washington, DC; Health Care for the Homeless in Baltimore; and Sinai Hospital’s GYN-Oncology Fund in Baltimore.


About Payal Parekh


Payal S. Parekh is a nationally certified Vinyasa-based yoga teacher and received her 200-hour training from Exhale, New York. In 2015 she completed an accelerated Urban Zen Integrative Therapy training at Yoga Shanti, New York City and volunteered 50 hours at The Riverside Premier Rehab & Healing Center in Manhattan. Payal is also a private dealer, curator and art advisor based in New York City. She specializes in photography and contemporary art, with a focus on talent inspired by India. She seeks to exhibit artworks that transform, empower and enlighten. Art fused with meditation creates a collective transcendent experience. As a yoga professional, Payal aims to ground her students while expanding their consciousness. She graduated with a BA in Art History from Mount Holyoke College and received an MA specializing in Contemporary Art from Sotheby’s Institute, London. Ms. Parekh has appeared in Vogue India, December 2010; Wallpaper, 2012; and Harper’s Bazaar India, March 2014.


In Rememberance 
Bharati Parekh 
November 9, 1945 – December 2, 2015


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